Eks what?

Eksperyens – sounding like experience – is a place where we do not create product and travel reviews, but curate good quality reviews (text, video and photography) about places, experiences and products from around the internet.


We catalog the coolest content online according to lifestyles and moods, making easier to connect experiences, products and brands to the right public, and, in the other hand,  helping people to get reviews and point of views from multiple websites, blogs, Instagram accounts and Youtube channels about the same brand or experience.


people have personalities. brands have personalities and even places have personalities.

but why should we be just one thing?

We dont like just one type of music, movie genre or book. Sometimes we want to go for a romance, other days for a horror movie, other days you are on a detective mood.

This is the same for brands, products and experiences. In differetent moments we want different things, we feel diferrent things, and even want to reinvent our selfs. We believe that what makes people unique is not being just one thing, but being a mix of a lot of different unique experiences and stories lived We are building a guide to help you find what you want according to your mood, beliefes and lifestyle.

we curate and organize internat content, using patterns, symbols and imagery to help you find brands and experiences with meanining for you. After all, is all good to want to do yoga in NY in the morning, after rescuing a dong and go to a rock party in the night.

Is good to want to go outdoors and camp but also go hippie in a festival. Go be what you want and Have fun exploring.