Eks what?

Eksperyens, how you read – sounding like experience – is a place where we catalog online travel and places experiences and connect them to people according to what they want to feel.

Are you a search engine?

We didnt label what we are. But lets keep the catalog thing for now. What we do know is that we want to make easier for people to find nice experiences around the world, that fits to their lifestyle, without using any invasive methods like unwanted advertising and – many times – annoying and inaccurate recommendations. We also want to connect users to reviews of people from similar tribes and tastes, and not to general-mid-class-tourists reviews.

How do you know what I want to feel?

Well, we dont know, and many times, you dont either. What we do is curate Instagram, blogs and online magazines content based on what that content (reviews, stories and images) communicate, based on the meaning of its archetypes images, colors and filters. That way, we create a look and feel that makes easier to the user to be visually guided to the right experience.

Why archetypes? Because, like we said, we dont know what you want to feel on, for example, a rainy sunday in Paris in your third trip to the place. So, we didnt want to make a personal curatorship. After a few -lots- of research, we decided to do it it based on Jung Archetypes.

wtf: Archetypes are the base of all Tv, books and movies characters we relate with. The rebel, the creative, the sage, the caregiver, the explorer…all of us can identify with one or more, and this is why we relate or hate or love some characters.

Archetypes always worked on advertising, movies and books to help brands and stories to create authentic meanings and guide people to what they need to feel or have (like stars used to so with sailors in the past). Nowadays, archetypes still work quite well on Instagram and blogs. One example: a visually harmonic Folk-adventurous-like Instagram profile who attract millions of followers who identify with that explorer lifestyle expressed through rivers or tree shapes and nature filters. So, when in France, what do you want to feel, based on your archetype?

¨the contents of the collective unconcious are archetypes. Primordial images that reflect basic patterns that are commom to us all, and which have existed universally since the dawn of time ¨ Carl Jung

And that solves what problem?

Are you in New York and feel like having a tea in a Barbie-like environment, or find a beauty saloon that do a cute hairdo, or a cute flower-thick-line tattoo maker? So this is your innocent archetype speaking, and you find these experiences  here.

Or if you are a creative tourist in The City  and dont have time to visit all the record stores but want to know which is the best for you, come to our NYC hipster catalog here and see different opinions, stories and perspectives about the places.

Sometimes we also find ourselves looking at gorgeous  places on Instagram, and when we go on a trip, we do not remember where that place was. At Eksperyens, we put beautiful instagrammable pictures and reviews into a context, so that beautiful  edited picture that is trying to communicate the feeling the user had on that moment, become more accessible, real and useful.

Will you guys feature more cities?

Yes!! and countries too. Since we are still on a Beta stage, we are starting only with New York, in United States.