I went to NYC once in my life, and it was a city that made me vibrate at a new frequency, feel new things, look forward for new possibilities. Maybe because I went without much expectation, hoping for something boring, with a lot of gray and straight buildings everywhere. I could not be more wrong.

What I realized, after all, is that NYC is a city that in real life makes you feel more like a movie character than as just a tourist. NY has many more colors than it looks on TV and travel guides, and many shapes beyond long and straight lines. It is no wonder that artists from all over the world are inspired by living and working in the city.

Dasic Fernández is one of them: A graffiti artist, inspired by hip-hop culture influences and originally from Chile. Today Dasic has works spread out in many places, like the USA, Canada, Brazil and Chile. His colorful interventions can bring vibration and reflexion to a boring day and awake an emotion in those who cross them on a street that was once just another ordinary street.

source: Davic Fernández Instagram

Currently he works with commissioned walls and canvases. His works consists mainly of  photorealistic scenes from everyday life moments, of happiness, curiosity, surprise and hope on large scale murals.

You can reach him at https://www.instagram.com/dasicfernandez/

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