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What are unique experiences for millenials

August 27, 2015

More authenticity, please.

Well, lately, I have seen the expression UNIQUE EXPERIENCE very, very often. First of all, unique experience is something very relative and personal. For me, to lie on the grass in a park in Germany was a very unique experience and it’s probably nothing new for any native german.

Many brands are desperate to sell unique experiences, and most of them, clearly, do not even know where they are directing it at. Those brands doesn’t offer anything special in their production process or function, but use words like ¨experience¨ and ¨ Sustainability¨ only because it’s written in the marketing book  that  focusing on that is essential to attract millennials.

My generation, which is supersaturated with information and advertisements and is always looking for new sensations, will feel repelled when you aim at us and sell a simple coffee or a stay at a hotel that did not have nothing surprising as if they were a unique experience. We like to consume and buy, but we think a lot before making decisions. We do not want only to show a material acquisition to other people. We want to feel, do, tell amazing stories,  making each investment be worth it, and if the consuming experience is something really different among billions, we will absolutely want to share. You will not create an emotional connection with us with only by using the word Experience, because we also value the rational and transparent connection. And that is something that only a few agencies or brands take into account.

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A platform to find travel partners

July 16, 2015
Captura de Tela 2015-07-16 às 15.42.36

Hey guys!

Another great web platform that make life easier for travellers.

Penroads was founded in June and is directed at those who want to make friends traveling alone. The navigation experience is nice and simple: you put the date and place of your journey and find people around the world who will be in the same place and on the same date.

What I loved about this platform is that the users profiles are available, showing their personal tastes and favorite kind of trip, so everyone has a reference about who is more suitable to be a best travel partner.

Captura de Tela 2015-07-16 às 15.42.03

It is quite new though, so there are still a lot of places where you will not find any registered traveller, but I really hope it to succeed!


Enrich Your Career working one year abroad

June 22, 2015

Jobbatical – Use your skills in another country

The Startup Jobbatical (Job with Sabbatical) is not new, but I liked it so much I wanted to recommend here. It has everything to do with the blog because allows you to live new realities and be surprised by new experiences without falling into routine, and the best, making money and learning.

★ What is it:  Like Airbnb allows you to experience living in various exotic and amazing places,  Jobbatical offers the same type of temporary experience, but working within your work field, and getting paid during one year.

★ What problem it solves:  A week ago I told my friend that I really wish this kind of temporary job startup existed,  because despite wanting to start my own business I recognize that I have learned a lot everywhere I worked and I still have much to learn, but I do not want a permanent commitment with a company for now (and I have a lot of friends who think the same). Then you might think  ¨You can resign when you want to leave the company¨. Well, I would’t want anyone to do this to me, start working at my company already thinking about leaving, so I do not feel comfortable doing it to others.

★ It’s really cool because:  In addition to resolving my problem mentioned up there, you will be able to choose the country you’re interested, and if approved, learn new working methods, overcome limits, expand horizons due to cultural differences and show your skills in a completely new context.

Another really cool thing about this platform is the communication: informal – Y Generation – millennials – directed. Like a real conversation, nothing robotic.
★ Not so cool:  Most vacancies are for positions related to digital technologies, such as programmers, web developers and designers, which leaves a lot of people out. But do some research because I saw some openings for Human Relations there.


An online space to guide digital nomads

June 16, 2015

Find people who work online traveling the world

Nowadays, working only with your notebook anywhere in the world is already more than possible for many people. There are many designers, illustrators, writers, editors, bloggers or new entrepreneurs who rather invest their money traveling instead of buying a new apartment, for example . There are also those who are still working for companies, but have the permission to work remotely.

However, like everything in life, this choice may have some ups and downs: Sometimes it can be pretty bad to be always alone without professional connections in a completely new environment and culture.  NOMAD LIST came as a solution for those who want to find the ideal place to work nomad, traveling the world with quality of life and connect with other professionals.

 The website:

The main objective of Nomad List is to make digital nomads find the best city and the best conditions to work remotely.

– At the homepage you will find a list of cities and can filter for safety, air quality, cost of living, level of fluency in English, nightlife, security and many others.


I recommend subscribe to the newsletter. They send updates with success stories of people who follow this lifestyle. You can also find the stories here.

They also offer PDF guides that seem well detailed, it is like a survival manual for nomads. The price is U$ 19.99 .

The Forum:

This is where you see that there are many people living the ¨impossible dream¨, and find out how they got there. You will see that there is much more ¨exceptions¨  out there then you think.


 Intersting topics:
Any digital nomad with over 10k month revenue?
– Whats your online business as a nomad?
– Are you a remote employee, freelancer or entrepreneur?
– How to become a digital nomad?

The Meetups

And here we go to networking: A list of events on Facebook to help you meet the nomads around the world!


The #Nomads

The hashtag Nomads is kind of a nomad WhatsApp. Instead of waiting for your question to be answered in the forum, you choose a city using the hashtag in the application and participate on a real-time conversation in a chat,  helping to build the network and receiving information and connections within your work field. You have to pay a $ 50 fee to participate.

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7 crazy runs and marathons around the World

June 2, 2015
Captura de Tela 2015-06-02 às 13.04.25

You can’t get bored in a world where you can run naked in a music festival in Europe or run for your life when you are being chased by zombies. It is awesome how simple experiences can become so memorable with a bit of creativity. I am addicted to marathons, and decided to write this post showing a few crazy runs around the world. I want them all! (ok, maybe not the chasing the cheese thing).

1- Glasgow University Underwear Run.

The underwear run is a tradition in a lot of universities in the United States and Europe. But since Glasgow University is so surreally similar to Hogwarts, I decided to show their race here. The students are really brave! Not for running almost naked, but for facing the Scottish freaking freezing weather almost naked!

★ 2 – UC Berkeley naked Run.

Well, the name says it all. And I just have one thing to say: College kids are the best!

★ 3- Roskilde Naked Run

If you are not a UC Berkeley student and still wants to run wild and free, I have good news. In Denmark you can run naked at the Roskilde Naked Run, that happens at the Roskilde Festival.

★ 4- Finland wife carrying championship.

My opinion: this one is the most bizarre of the list. 250 meters carrying a wife on the back. This one is in Finland, but there is this kind of race in USA too.

★ 5- Run for your lives -There are a lot of zombie races in the world. Yep, 5 km with obstacles and running away from scary (and fast) zombies, usually in the middle of a forest and with a lot of mud involved. The video below is from the australian Run For Your Lives. There is also the Zombie Run in USA.

★ 6 – Eletric Run

My favorite! The lights, the sound, it feels like a party-marathon. Never been there, but it is on my list.

★ 7- Rock n Roll Run

So simple and so great. No music genre makes be happier than the good and old rock n roll. I imagine that running with live rock bands playing must be a great experience. By the way, the lovely 92 years old lady below, who is all over the media this week, completed this Marathon on sunday!

Well, there are many other crazy races around the world. Just stopping to eat and drink on the way there are a bunch, like the Hot Dog run, the Pizza run, Hot Chocolate run, Wine run, Cupcake run and the super bizarre Cheese Rolling run, where you do not eat any cheese, but almost die running down the hill chasing a cheese.

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May 27, 2015

Selfies are nice! but taking pictures of awesome landscapes without showing your face can be even better. Here are a few examples of some nice pictures I took in trips, and none of them are selfies.


@eksperyens at Jardin du Palais Royal, in Paris.


@eksperyens at Eiffel Tower, in Paris.


@eksperyens  in Paris.


@eksperyens in Florianópolis, Brazil


@eksperyens in Paris.


@eksperyens at Montmartre stairs in Paris.


@eksperyens in Berlin


@eksperyens At Walt Disney World


@eksperyens in NYC.


@eksperyens in Barcelona.


@eksperyens in Germany.


@eksperyens in Barcelona


@eksperyens in Barcelona

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10 words (beyond wanderlust) that represent who have an urge to travel and explore

May 4, 2015

 If you have an urge to travel or a wild soul, you may find your next tattoo idea here.


An overwhelming urge to run away



unbounded freedom that comes from standing firmly on your own path. The freedom to be who you are.



the experiences, positive or negative, that we feel most deeply, and through which we truly live, not mere experiences, but Experiences.



unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet, marvelous.



an intense and irresistible desire for freedom



n. a spontaneous journey where the traveller leaves their life behind for a time to let the spirit of the landscape and architecture attract and move them



n an ache for distant places; the craving for travel


◈ Livsnjutare
one who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme


◈ Sehnsucht n

the inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what, the yearning for a far,familiar, non-earthly land on can identify as ones home

◈ Nefelibata
¨cloud-walker¨, one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not obeys the conventions of society, literature or art.


◈ Numinous

describing and experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated , awed yet attracted – the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.



A startup to help you find a startup that fits you just right

April 20, 2015

Love Your Next Job

Sometimes its hard to find the right company or the ideal job. Most companies websites are focused on customers, not on employees. Besides, what has really captured the attention of the Y Generation in the corporate world is the Startup model, but it is not always that you can find accurate information about how is to work inside that company that seems so nice and what they can do for you.

Well, the Startup Traba promise is to solve this issue. With a very simple and easy to use site, they offer a database of jobs in the Bay Area, and you can also get objective inside info about the best startups!

The database is quite good,  showing the available positions in large companies like Dropbox, Pinterest and Reddit. I didt love the layout of the home page, graphically speaking, but this is my personal taste, in the other hand the usability is great, super simple to navigate and quick to get you where you want!

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Snowboarding in Pitztal – Austria

April 9, 2015

 Kyle Andrews- Real Blasty

Pitzal is an insane mountain located in Innsbruck, a very charming city in the boundary of Austria with the south of Germany, in the state of Tyrol, the heart of the Austrian Alps.

For the adventurers, this is one of the biggest mountains for snow sports in Europe.

You can be a beginner to try, but you will enjoy more if you have some experience! Well, I didn’t have any and I loved it anyway.


Personal experience: It was so so SO much fun. From the wonderful landscapes in the path to the surreal fairytale scenario of the Austrian Alps. The sun was shining over the white snow, making it look like it was covered with a thick blanket of glitter. I recommend going on a sunny day! It was my first time, so I could barely stand still on the snowboard, the thing slides too much! The good thing of being a beginner and start with Pitzal is that you face other smaller mountains without fear later. Our clothes weren’t proper, so we left the place looking like Anna, from Frozen.



Here is the video, in portuguese though, but you can see our frozen situation.   
 Working hours: 08:30 a.m to 04:30 p.m  Prices: 31 to 70 EU one day ticket.  Site: e   

The Party

Put on some warm and dry clothes after the adventure, buy a beer, and walk around the mountains searching for a good party or a good bar has proved that nothing is so good that can’t be even better!

The bars entrance is usually  free. The people are simple, nobody spend hours getting ready or anything. They just want to be happy, have fun, chill and celebrate that awesome day of adrenaline. The bar-party we went was full of young and beautiful people, from 18 to 30 years old mostly and everybody was insanely dancing some typical musics of the region. There are calmer bars too, for older people. I went inside 3 different, but since I was already a little bit drunk and it was a while ago I can’t really remember details. I just remember a cute german boy in the second bar who said ¨wear that smile wherever you go, and you will get anything you want in your life¨. <3


On the Map

Bye! 😀

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7 aquatic experiences to do at any age, married or single.

March 30, 2015

I’ve seen many posts of X things to do before you get married, or Y things to do before you are 30, and I really don’t like the limitation. You might as well swim with whale sharks if you are married or when you are 80 years old. If you dream of surfing, you will keep dreaming, married or not, older or not. Overcome other people opinion and go after what you want to do.

Another limitation is to think that you are too old to do some things and now you only have to focus on family and children, otherwise you will die of boredom and loneliness. I heard that 4 or 5 times recently, therefore, I stopped to think of the list of things I still want to do before my anti-boredom options are done. Of course there are those who actually will only find self realization with a family or children, which is quite admirable and understandable, but these people cannot assume that this is the universal secret of happiness to everyone else. Because it is not.

I will post a series of seven experiments within a theme that can be done in a life before finding that the options to be happy expired. Why 7? Because it is a nice number. :)

The experiences of this post are  aquatic.

1-Swimming with Whale Sharks


This is the most daring experience in this list, and it isn’t available in many places, and that’s an extra reason that makes it so special.


Here are some places I’ve found online with good recommendations. Note: All these experiences are wild diving, in the animal natural environment.

–  Holbox Island, México.
– Cancun Whale Shark Tours, Cancun
– Nigaloo Reef, South Africa.

– Splash Belize, Caribbean.

2-Learn to surf


If you are one of those people who watch surf contests on TV and your heartbeat speeds without ever even had experienced surfboarding, you should take surf lessons . Because the feeling in real life is infinitely more pleasant than watching  on TV.


The  majority of any beach with waves and minimally touristic will have a dude giving lessons for a day or a single hour.

The price varies a lot. It depends on the country and the beach.There are some guys who charge 70 bucks an hour. You will hardly learn to surf in an hour. The ideal is to take at least 5 lessons to feel yourself safe. For those who can’t go often to the beach I suggest to experience the one hour thing, it pays off when you really want it.

I took a few lessons in 2008, and I loved it!

3-Swim with wild Dolphins

swim-wild-dolphinsJump into the water with nothing else but a snorkel and a mask to swim with dolphins in their natural environment must be thrilling .


I saw that in Brazil you can do it in Fernando de Noronha, one of the most paradisiac places in the country. Above there are a few other options around the world:

Wild Quest – Porgy Bay – BAHAMAS – Near Florida, USA.

Rockingham Wild Dolphins – Next to Perth in Australia

Wilde Dolphins Swim in Hawaii

Dolphin Dream Team in the Bahamas.

4-Jump off  a cliff or boat


That’s essencial in your cool – Instagram – photo -bucket – list. And the best of it is that it isn’t only about a nice pic, because the feeling of freedom is actually very good. Choose a safe place and just jump.


Local residents at the beaches usually know if there is a place to jump and where it’s safe to jump.

5 – Learn to sail

eksperyens-learn-to-sailWell, here is one thing that I have have never thought about doing until I decide to write this post, research about it and find it very interesting.


There are sailing lessons in many places. But the best thing to do, in my opinion, is to take a specific course when you have your own boat (dreaming doesn’t hurt: P), or if you have the opportunity to sail with someone who knows, ask for a quick lesson for that person.

6-Scuba Diving


When I was 19 my dream was to be a professional scuba diver. I wanted to find lost treasures under the sea and explore a new world hehehe. Today I would be very satisfied  scuba diving as a tourist.


Such as surfing, there are a loooooOOOt of places to experience scuba diving in the world. In Brazil I particularly dream about diving in Bonito – MS.

7- Cage dive with crocodiles and sharks 


This might be very interesting too, and the adrenaline must be awesome.  You can cage dive with white sharks in many places, although  crocodiles cage diving are a little bit more rare.


Crocosaurus Cove Darwin- in Australia

Cango wildelife Ranch – South Africa

¨you only get old when your dreams are replaced with regrets¨.