Unicorn and Rainbow recipes are a thing since around 2014.Cake -cupcake-marbled-unicorn-layered-lalaland-glitter-omg-this-is-so-cute-im-gonna-die-sweet-delicious-food  are probably here to stay for a long time!  There are tons of recipes out there, but only a few were able to make us want to eat the screen.

 Highway Unicorn Cake – via Tastemade

must taste like: basic white cake and meringue buttercream!

 Unicorn Blondie Sundae – via Studio DIY

must taste like: probably ice cream and sugar in 10 different textures and condensed milk! but who cares? It is so pretty!

 Rainbow Bagel Recipe – via PopSugar

must taste like: Sugar, cream cheese and happiness!

Rainbow cupcakes – via Taste of Home

must taste like: average cupcake but much cooler.

How to make a rainbow Swirl Ice Cream – ViaAww Sam

must taste like: vanilla! What about mixing some fruits?

Spring rainbow Swirl Cupcakes – via The Sprinkle Factory

must taste like: sprinkles!

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