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¨Offering a seasonal menu of progressive café fare and table service, for all-day breakfast, lunch and early evening appetizers.¨


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Williams Sonoma Taste
Convicts NYC
Williams Sonoma Taste
Bitches who Brunch

¨Not only did this banana bread not suggest a hint of dryness often associated with gluten-free, I would be as bold as to say this is one of the best banana breads I’ve had at a restaurant.¨

Bitches who Brunch

¨We use the highest quality, seasonal, natural ingredients to bring out the purest flavors. We don’t use heavy cooking methods as we like to serve most of our meals in a raw, clean, holistic, yet artisan way.¨

Williams Sonoma Taste

¨ The former Australian Rules Football player and founder of Bluestone Lane has six locations throughout NYC and one in Philadelphia. ¨

Convicts NYC

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I had no shame capturing the adorable food at @bluestonelanecoffee ☺️ - We like our sundays with a thick slice of avocado smash
patriciachangny - From brunch with @liminggeh before baby~ 🍵😍💚🥗 I'm glad I still crave the same healthy foods that I did this pregnancy (complete opposite of what I craved with Chase)
Feed me breakfast & we will be friends forever 🥞🍳🍵💕 - @grlwithbangs
slipper_o- 2great minds think alike 👀👀🥑
tugbadsdn - It makes me crazy.
melotones -when the week is going non stop, matcha me baby.. 🍵😽
venuswaslike - This is what Monday morning looks like ☕️️
catchinthecity - Beet latte and Golden Milk (aka turmeric latte) are amazing coffee alternatives to warm up on this cold day 💖💛👌🏼
Found a cute brunch spot in NYC💕 Now I really have to find my way to Australia to have more amazing brekkies like this😍
So incredibly gorgeous I almost passed on eating this perfect little thing (yeah that lasted a solid 2 minutes) but what a killer smashed 🥑 toast 👊 - @foodmuenster
rachelw24 - The only time it's acceptable to post food pictures is if your brunch looks this pretty ⇡
jourdansloane - The usual 😏
some things will never change 🥑👅
Another day another avo' toast~ - @thebalancedgal
When your sitting having lunch and you realize that you wish your home was this pretty 😍💙 stoping at the cozy @bluestonelanecoffee for a quick bite & coffee ☕️👌🏼 -
ahealthysliceofpai - A latte with a blood red twist seems appropriate 👻🎃
abbimillerholistic - Pro left hand model or avocado-smash connoisseur? 🥑👌🏽
Brunch perfection - @missyanacherie
aliciarountree - ☀️☀️☀️ feelings in #nyc
@gu_eatingsociety - It's time for #GUESspringbreak: starting off with avocado toast from NYC! 📸
carolinecapitovisiting - @marlistewart at NYU means brunch and one oak 🍾🥂🇦🇺
tiffanikatepan - didn't know that I was starving till I tasted you
thuysdiary - Good morning and happy Friday to you from me and my healthy toast.🍞🍞🥗🌹👏🏻😌
imajenate - Rapunzel and I don't have a ton in common, but we both are known for our lox || Salmon Toast with Balthazar multigrain bread