¨One of the best matcha soft serves I’ve had in NY. There’s a nice balance between the sweetness and slightly bitter taste of matcha. Consistency and texture is just right¨

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Ube is a purple yam that’s popular in Filipino cuisine.

Vogue-A Pastel-Hued Dessert Crawl Through New York City

¨ It’s slightly sweet and slightly earthy and also a little funky on the end in a good way that its kind of indescribable. ¨


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So swoft 🍦got the ube macapuno (coconut) cus duh 💁🏻
Cereal is a part of a well-balanced breakfast, cereal marshmallows are a part of cereal...this soft swerve from @SoftSwerveNYC with cereal marshmallows as a topping is now a perfectly acceptable breakfast,
sadeaspenceI - t's finally warm enough for ice cream, but let's be real ice cream is a year-round treat 🍦 @SoftSwerveNYC Black Sesame is poppin' btw! 😋
We had to get our @icecream fix at @softswervenyc and try the new Ube and coconut Macapuno swirl. 🍦💯 We also got the matcha & black Sesame swirl 👌 Needless to say we got the large options. 😵
UBEtter grab some!!! Ube Ice cream in a chocolate cone sprinkled with fruity pebbles✨👅
traco4Saturday - Necessities @softswervenyc . My new fav ice cream spot..Ube Purple Yam & Macapuno coconut..
Breakfast eh 😋 Blending in with the 🌸 and round 2 of purple soft serve! Ube goodness!
black sesame soft serve in a chocolate cookie cone w/ oreo crumble 🏻👻🖤🍦
You have no idea how good this is
She told me it was vegetable ice cream, so naturally, I said yes. 🍦
Taro & Coconut Ice-cream from Soft Swerve, definitely not just a "for the gram" spot, the ice-cream here is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Dear tummy that's it I'm cutting you off 🖤 .
voguishsoul - Snow day means Ice Cream day right? The new earl grey flavor paired with my fave ube flavor @softswervenyc was so yummy that one cone wasn’t enough so I had two 🍦🍦.
It's a small whirled (jk, it's a large)
UBEt I'm gonna get ice cream even if it's cold 🍦
I ain't got no type 🍦
wxyyz - #blacksesame #softserve
The only man worth chasing this summer is the ice cream man 💁🏻.
It's a beautiful spring day in #nyc so we had to check @softswervenyc an Asian inspired soft serve spot w/ flavors like ube purple yam, macapuno coconut, and black sesame.