¨Even before you take a sip, a cup of tea can transport you. The aroma of leaves opened and unraveled by heat can whisk you into a heady repose, olfactory memory taking you back to the lush, moss-carpeted woods of your childhood.¨

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¨(…) With such a creative team, it’s no surprise that every detail of the business was completely planned out. Even the Bellocq tea canisters are custom designed, and the tea, itself is pretty fabulous, .¨

¨(…) we literally gasped. From the Venetian plaster walls, to the pink velvet upholstery, we felt like we stepped into a little jewel box.¨

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¨Just get her talking about the idea behind, say, blend No. 12, aka Le Hammeau, and you’ll find yourself settling into the faded rose-colored seats in the back room and listening to her soliloquy on the scent of the “peasant” clothing worn by Marie Antoinette at Versailles — the ham eau — that she donned to milk cows in her pretend rustic village¨

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¨I left with the very best tea education straight from two of the owners. We hope to feature some Bellocq Tea in our store soon!¨


¨The owners have been known to trek to far-flung locations in search of the best ingredients.¨

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¨Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the entrance.

What lies behind it is a treasure trove of the good stuff.

The shop isn’t very big, but each and every corner is filled with something exotic, rare, and stunning.¨

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@lilipiache - ¨Favorite tea place in Brooklyn💚¨
@clfsummers - for my latest @onekingslane column, I got into tea-drinking - and got to go to the most treasured tea source, @bellocq, to do it.
@misspotterphd - I've always liked the idea of sanctuary. In the medieval times, both the innocent and the guilty could throw themselves against a church door and gain shelter.
@thecocktailpartychef - A @bellocq inspired canapé - tea smoked tofu (smoked rice and tea in silver dish) with edamame & Lapsang souchong gelee
@humbletealeaf - Bellocq did really a great job when it comes to presentation at their little "tea atelier" and packaging as well (tins & paper packaging). Attention to detail always pays off in my opinion. In a way it's showing respect to the product and the customer.
dominomag - "Hey, it's @heydavina taking over Domino's feed today! It's been so cold in New York, so I wanted to share some cute, cozy, plant-iful (see what I did there?) interiors with you to help get over these winter vibes. This one here is from @bellocq, a charming little tea atelier out in Greenpoint."
@brandigard - Tea time. | Editorial @bellocq as published in the #thegraceissue for @cottagehillmag
@ss0522 - 💛🌿🍃an absolutely hidden gem!✨
@hanyayanagihara - The only moment of grace in a shitty afternoon. Thank you for the 🍵 and kindness,
@the_shopkeepers - Bellocq Tea Atelier, Greenpoint, NY
@_itsbeautifulhere - a n d | just like 💫 I'm back in Brooklyn, bopping around to all sorts of wonderful
@mell0wfell0w - Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Tea shop.
@mlee73 - Don't mind me, I'm just over here sneaking photos of well-dressed strangers like a totally sane, normal person. 🌿🍵✨
@mandylancia - Feeling nostalgic for the East Coast and the ability to travel to magical places at the drop of a hat.
@loandcho - Tea time at @bellocq 🍶 📸: @iioioiii
@heleneisfor - But first, multiple caffeinated beverages are in order ☕🍵
@onekingslane If Great Expectations and The Secret Garden had a baby, it would be the dreamy interiors of @bellocq, a tea house in Brooklyn.
cyndricktiu - All the teas and Aubergine wall ✨@bellocq
sleepless_in_nyc - as soon as you enter the smell is invigorating...beautiful notes of lemon, cardamom and other spices
katespadeny - afternoon tea with byrdie. #datingmypurse